The Law School was Evaluated as an Advanced Unit for Conscriptionand Advanced Individual


On Sep.23rd, the fifth anniversary of Xi Jinping's important letter to eight college students who had enlisted in the armed forces from Nankai University, the university held a seminar with the theme of "Welcoming the 20th CPC National Congress, Contributing to the National Defense", in order to study the spirit of encouragement from Xi's letter. At the same time, the commendation for conscription meeting was also held.

The conference commended and encouraged advanced units and individuals in conscription work. The Law School was awarded as an advanced unit and Zhou Jingwen, a tutor from Law School, was awarded as an advanced individual. At the same time, Asghar Nurta, a graduate of Nankai Law School, was awarded the title of "The Best Student Soldier in Tianjin" in the theme activity of "Welcoming the 20th CPC National Congress, Contributing to the National Defense " in Tianjin.

The School of Law has always attached great importance to national defense education and has undertaken a number of innovative initiatives. First, the Law School has carried out a comprehensive study about the spirit of encouragement from Xi's letter. The school launched a series of thematic educational activities to provide more targeted guidance to students on their ideological values.Second, the School promote the transformation of patriotic feelings into patriotic deeds. The School encourages students to apply what they have learnt in the service of the society and turn their patriotic hearts into acts of service to the country.

The third is to refine the system to comprehensively build an effective system for conscription work . The college establishes "one person one file" for the enlisted students, contacts the professional course teachers to tutor their law professional courses, and equips psychological teachers to care for and support students who have joined the army, so as to truly implement the three-in-one education program of strengthening military education, ideological education and professional education.

Up to now, the College has sent nine outstanding students to the army, including Asghar, among them, Li Jiamao, an undergraduate student of Class 2021, and Lei Wantong, an undergraduate student of Class 2020, also left for the army in September this year as scheduled!

In the future, the Law School will further co-ordinate the College's national defense education resources, strengthen the construction of propaganda positions and bases, enhance the co-ordination of the College's management and teaching staff, conduct special training for the backbone of national defense education on a regular basis, improve the level of national defense education of the College's staff, and provide more outstanding reserve talents who can take up the important responsibilities of the times for the motherland.