The Law School of Nankai University has Approved Four Projects Supported by the National Social Science Fund of China


Recently, the National Office of Philosophy and Social Science announced the list of annual projects of the National Social Science Fund for 2022, four projects of Nankai University have been approved, which includes "Research on the Legal Order of Family Contracts in Jin, Anhui and Fujian" by Associate Professor Feng Xuewei, "Research on the Technology of Codification of Civil Law Commentaries" by Associate Professor Zhang Zhipo, "Research on the Synergistic Mechanism of Trademark Protection in the Separate Legislation of Geographical Indications" by Associate Professor Xie Qingchuan, and "Research on the Legal Regulation of Transnational Subsidies and China's Response" by Associate Professor Hu Jianguo.

Scientific research is an important source of motivation to promote the development of the discipline. The Law School guides teachers to conduct research based on China's national conditions, and constantly strengthens the system supply and practical capacity building. In the past five years, the Law School has been awarded 19 national social science projects. The number of national-level scientific research projects has been maintained at a high level, reflecting the substantial progress made by the School in condensing academic characteristics, building research teams, enhancing research capabilities, and serving national needs.

The School of Law regularly holds academic lectures, "Brainstorm" workshops and related research exchange activities to provide a platform for teachers to communicate and exchange ideas, and to help improve the overall level of research. With the theme of National Social Science Fund declaration, a series of activities such as mobilization meeting, sharing meeting and evaluation meeting are carried out. Through the project declaration consultation and exchange activities, teachers' scientific research vigor has been further stimulated, research ideas have been further expanded, project undertaking ability has been further enhanced, and the college's scientific research work has achieved solid results.