Two Teaching Projects of Law School Receive 2022 University-level Postgraduate Teaching Achievement Awards



Recently, Nankai University announced the winners of the 2022 Nankai University Postgraduate Teaching Achievement Award, and the two achievements presided over by Professor Wang Bin of our college won the first prize at university level and the second prize at university level respectively.

One of the achievements, "Moot Court Practice Teaching Based on Legal Methodology", won the first prize of university-level teaching achievement award. This achievement relies on the practice base of Nankai University Law School for LLM degree students, and cooperates with the practice experts from Beijing Yingke (Tianjin) Law Firm, Tianjin Jinrui Law Firm and Jinan District People's Procuratorate into the practice course construction.

This course aims to take make the cultivation of legal thinking as the goal, the training of legal methods as the content, and the practical teaching of mock court as the main teaching means, so as to innovate the practical teaching mode of the mock court course and create a four-in-one course system of theory study, case study, simulation training and review education.

The second prize of the University-level Postgraduate Teaching Achievement was awarded to the "Legal Methodology Case Textbook". This textbook aims to train students to "think like a legal person" and form a common paradigm of legal thinking.

Taking case teaching as the path, the textbook combines case analysis with the cultivation of legal doctrine and theoretical literacy, and designs chapters such as "Legal Thinking", "Legal Discovery and Legal Sources", "Legal Interpretation", "Legal Reasoning", "Legal Argumentation", "Factual Determination", "Supplementary Loopholes", "Weighing Interests", and other sections. For each case, the book has designed sections such as "Brief introduction to the Case", "Summary of Judgment", "Legal Methods" and "Literature expansion".

Prof. Wang Bin has been working on the front line of teaching for a long time, lecturing "Jurisprudence" and "Moot Court" for LLM(Professional) students, "Legal Methodology" for LLM(Academic) students, and actively participating in practical teaching and teaching reform.The projects he presided over have been approved by school education reform projects for many times.