Nankai University Law School Students and Faculty Went to Many Places to Carry out Summer Social Practice Activities


 In order to study and implement Xi Jinping's Thought of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, the faculty and students of Nankai University Law School actively responded to the call of the university in the summer of 2022. 17 teams were formed and went to Zhejiang, Shaanxi, Gansu, Xinjiang and other provinces and cities to carry out social practice activities by combining online and offline methods. At the same time, relying on the " Students and Teachers Together" project declaration, under the guidance of 13 professional teachers of the college, 17 teams carried out research on professional topics.

Building National Self-Confidence, Researching National Conditions

Under the guidance of Professor Chen Bing, Vice Dean of the Law School, the team led by undergraduate student Xu Yongqi, Class of 2021, learned from the spirit of Hangzhou's builders to promote innovation in urban management models and modernize urban governance systems and capabilities.Wang Siyi, an undergraduate student from Class 2020, led a team to Jizhou District, Tianjin, under the guidance of Ms. Wei Huiling, to investigate the succulent planting industry and contribute to the revitalization of rural areas in that district.

Combining Study and Practice, Following the Spirit of the Rule of Law

Under the guidance of Ms. Sun Jingchao and Ms. Lv Yiwei, a team led by Qiu Chenyi, an  undergraduate student from Class 2020, went to Yinchuan City, Ningxia, to conduct in-depth research and practice on the rule of law with the topic of "Exploring the Road of Intelligent Court Construction and Investigating the New Pattern of Governance of Litigation Sources - Ningxia Xingqing District Court Practice Research".

Under the guidance of Professor Wang Bin of the Law School, the team led by Wang Siqi, an undergraduate student from Class 2021, focused on the research of the operation mechanism and effects of the rural legal counsel system. The team took Jizhou District of Tianjin as a typical investigation site, tried to suggest solutions to the problems of the local legal counsel system.

Strengthening the Chinese Faith, Passing on the 'Red' Gene

Under the guidance of Prof. Tu Zhenyu of the Law School and Mr. Zhou Jingwen, Deputy Secretary of the Youth League Committee, a team led by Hu Xinyu, an undergraduate student from Class 2021, went to Shihezi City, the Eighth Division of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, with the theme of "Touching the 'Red' Pulse of Shihezi and Exploring the Special Model of the Corps" to carry out practical activities. The team formally cooperated with the Military Reclamation Museum of Xinjiang Corps and the museum was listed as a social practice base of Nankai University.

Under the guidance of Ke Zhenxing, a team led by Zhang Yanting, an undergraduate student from Class 2020, went to Yunnan Province, with the theme of "'Red' Fires of Yunnan - Visiting Red Culture from the Perspective of Education, Ethnicity and Long March in Yunnan Province" to carry out practical activities. The team combined the spirit of education and the spirit of 'red' culture to understand the culture of local minority groups and offer suggestions for local governance.

Under the guidance of Mr. Sun Haidong from the School of Marxism, the team visited the Beiping-Tianjin Campaign Battle Memorial Hall, watched 'red' documentary films and studied the history of the Party.

Based on China's National Conditions, Serving the Development of Education

Under the guidance of Mr. Zhou Jingwen, the team led by Zhao Jingnan, an undergraduate student from Class 2019 conducted a study on rural education and rural development in Hongshiya Village, Pingdingshan City, Henan Province. Although it cannot be carried out offline due to the pandemic, the team members are still able to communicate with the children face-to-face and heart to heart via the Internet.

It is reported that, under the guidance of the CPC Committee of the Law School and the organization of the CCYL Committee, the Law School has formed an excellent practical atmosphere. Nankai Law students and faculty have been awarded the honor of "'National Top 100'excellent practice team" and "'Serving the Country in Three Aspects' outstanding social practice activities" in Tianjin.