A series of Legal History of China (420 volumes) was published


Recently, a series of Legal History of China (420 volumes), edited by Associate Professor Feng Xuewei of Nankai University Law School, was published.


This series is published by Beijing Yanshan publishing house, which is by far the most concentrated collection of Chinese traditional law studies, criminal private assistant studies, case studies and the modern transformation of traditional law. 

The series collects 185 kinds of legal documents in the past dynasties, which are compiled in chronological order, providing the most solid historical data foundation for studying the legal history of the past dynasties, especially the development and evolution of Chinese traditional legal science. 

This set of documents and materials simultaneously published the collection of public cases, completed cases and criminal cases, providing rich materials for understanding the legal reality of traditional society. The collection of the results of the late Qing Dynasty's law revision and its draft code also provides great convenience for a systematic understanding of the modern transformation of Chinese traditional law.