Tianjin Annual Conference of Social Sciences Was Held in Law School


On October 28th, the “Rule of Law and Modernization of Public Health Governancewas held in Nankai University. The conference was sponsored by Tianjin Social Science Academic Conference and Tianjin Federation of Social Sciences and Tianjin Commission of Education, and was organized by Law School and Department of Humanities and Social Science Research of Nankai University. It announced the list of outstanding papers of the Tianjin Social Science Academic Conference. 


At the annual meeting, nine scholars made thematic reports. They deeply exchanged and discussed new issues, new viewpoints and new theories on the rule of law in public health under the background of the epidemic from the perspectives of International Law, Administrative Law, Civil and Commercial Law and other disciplines, starting from the specific problems in the normalization of epidemic prevention and control and the rule of law in public health. 

From the perspective of International Law, they discussed the dilemma and reform of international public health cooperation mechanism, analyzed the relationship between international disaster management law, epidemic protection and human rights protection, and expresses some opinions on the rule of law for maritime public health safety. 

From the perspective of Administrative Law, they analyzed the division of responsibilities, risk communication and damage compensation in response to public health emergencies, and put forward suggestions for vaccination according to law in combination with the practice of epidemic prevention and control. 

From the perspective of Civil and Commercial law, they analyzed the courageous behavior during the epidemic prevention and control, and analyzed the role of charitable organizations in public health governance. After each report, the commenting scholars faced the problem and put forward the further direction of academic research.


Professor Song Hualin, from Nankai Law School, delivered the closing speech. The purpose of this conference is to further strengthen exchanges between legal scholars from universities in Tianjin, and jointly make suggestions for promoting the research on the rule of law and the reform of public health governance in China.