Constitutional Law Scholars Attend the Annual Meeting of the Association of Constitutional Law of CLS 2021


The Annual Meeting of the Association of Constitutional Law of CLS 2021 held in ShenZhen from October 23 to 24. The meeting held elections for a new council as well as the Ninth Council meeting and the Party Congress. 

Professor Tu Zhenyu, Associate Professor Li Xiaobing and Associate Professor Li Ruiyi of Nankai Law School were invited to attend the meeting and were elected as a member of the Council.


This meeting is divided into three sub-forums, academic discussions were held on such important topics as “Xi Jinping’s discourse on governing and ruling by the Constitution”, “The implementation of the Constitution and the 14th Five-Year Plan”, “The constitutional response to the development of emerging technology”, “The system of Constitutional review with Chinese characteristics”, “The organization and procedures of the People’s Congress”, “The Constitution and the plan of building China under the rule of law”, “The Constitution and the legal system for national security”, “Perfecting the system of One Country, Two Systems and the construction of the GBA district”. 

Associate Professor Li Ruiyi participated in the discussion of “Perfecting the system of ‘One Country, Two Systems’ and the construction of the GBA district” as a commentator.