Tianjin Administrative Procuratorial Research Base Co-Built by Law School


On March 3rd, the opening ceremony and signing ceremony of Tianjin Administrative Procuratorial Research Basejointly built by Nankai University Law School and the Third Branch of Tianjin Peoples Procuratorate was held in the Third Municipal Branch of Tianjin Procuratorate.

Liang Qi, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Nankai University, and Hou Zhi, Attorney-General of the Third Municipal Branch, jointly inaugurated the Tianjin Administrative Procuratorial Research Base. Fu Shicheng, President of the Law School, and Han Juan, Deputy Procurator-General of the Third Branch signed a cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties.

The two parties will carry out comprehensive cooperation with the base in scientific research cooperation, expert consultation, talent training, student internship, temporary training and other fields, and be jointly committed to the theoretical research and practical development of administrative procuratorial work.