Xie Qingchuan


Research Area

Intellectual Property


Xie Qingchuan is the associate professor of Nankai University Law School. He is a director of Comparative Law Research Society of the Chinese Law Society and a director of Civil Law Branch of Tianjin Law Society.

Professor Xie presided over one provincial project of Research on the Shadow Elements of Intellectual Property Rights, which was a Youth Project of Tianjin Philosophy and Social Science Planning. He was also in charge of Research on the response to the dilemma of the new form of trademark legislation in the environment of Internet+. He won the Top 10 Young Scholars Outstanding Paper Award of China Law Society Intellectual Property Law Research Association from 2015-2019. He won the Top 10 Paper Award at the First Greater China Young Intellectual Property Scholars Forum of The University of Hong Kong. His paper won the first prize in the Annual Meeting of Civil Law Branch of Tianjin Law Society. He has published several papers in CSSCI journals including Legal Science, Legal Business Research,Law Review and Intellectual Property. He is an associate editor and one main translator of Chinese Intellectual Property Law: A New Exploration of Intellectual Property Rights with Chinese Characteristics


E-mail: lawxqc@nankai.edu.cn