Zhang Zhipo


Research Area

Private Law, Legal Methods


Zhang Zhipo is the associate professor of Nankai University Law School. He is a part-time researcher of Human Rights Research Center of Nankai University.

He is the Executive Director of Civil Law Branch of Tianjin Law Society. He is a director of Commercial Law Branch of Tianjin Law Society and a director of China Securities Law Research Association. He is a lawyer of Rising Law Firm.

Professor Zhang published dozens papers including China Legal Education Research, Journal of Comparative Law and Science of Law. He presided over several provincial and ministerial projects, Sorting and Reflection on the Types of Property Rights, Study on the Legal Aspects of the Internal Control System of the Company, the Jurisprudence of General Theory of Law, and Research on Legislation to Optimize Business Environment in Tianjin.



E-mail: zhangzhipo@nankai.edu.cn