Gao Tong


Research Area

Criminal procedure jurisprudence, evidence jurisprudence, intersection of jurisprudence and cognitive science, cross-strait judicial cooperation


Gao Tong is the associate professor of Nankai University Law School. He is a researcher of Human Rights Research Center of Nankai University. He presided over A Study on the Two-way Transformation of the Use of Evidence in the Interface of Supervisory and Criminal Proceedings, which was one project of the National Social Science Foundation. He also took a lead in several research and teaching projects such as Human Rights Safeguards in the Inspection process, Retaliatory Prosecution Study and Undergraduate Teaching Reform Project Law Clinic.

Professor Gao has won several teaching and research awards. He has published dozens of papers in CSSCI journals including Legal Studies, Legal Forum and The Rule of law and Social Development.  He is the co-author of Financial Prosecution and Financial Criminal Law: The Dual Dimension of Procedure and Substance, The Procedural Governance of Innocence: the Difficult Unfolding of the Innocence Proposition in China and so on. He is a director of Tianjin Law Society's Litigation Law Branch and a director of Tianjin Law Society's Case Law Branch. He has been to Indonesia, the United States, Belgium and Switzerland for academic exchanges.