Zou Bingjian


1.Research area:

Chinese Criminal Law, Comparative Criminal Law.



Zou Bingjian is the Associate Professor and Doctors Supervisor of Nankai University School of Law, he has been selected as one of the 100 young discipline leaders of Nankai University and the second level candidates of Tianjin 131 Innovative Talents Training Project. Zou has finished his undergraduate, master and doctoral studies in Peking University School of Law, his master and doctoral studies were under the supervision of Chinas famous jurist, Professor Chen Xingliang. 

His main research focuses on criminal law causation, the dispute between jurisprudence and social science law, self-defense, and influence cases, etc.

Professor Zou has published more than ten papers in CLSCI-source journals such as Chinese and Foreign Law, Jurist, Jurisprudence, Global Law Review, Legal Science, Tsinghua Law, Legal Business Research, Law Review, Politics and Law, etc., many of which have been published in NPC Reprographic Materials, Social Science Digest, and Peoples Court Journal. In 2015 and 2017, he was selected twice in the list of productive authors of CLSCI journals in China Law Innovation Network. He presided over one National Social Science Foundation project, three provincial and ministerial projects, and participated in three major projects of the National Social Science Foundation. He won the First Prize in the Third (2014-2016) National Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation in Criminal Law and Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award of Peking University, as well as other awards and honorary titles such as Merit Student of Peking University and Excellent Graduates of Peking University.