Liu Fang


Research area

Environmental Law  


Liu Fang is the associate Professor of Nankai University Law School . Her Scholarship focuses on Environmental Law, particularly on issues of Environmental Economic Policy and Law, Ecological Civilization Rule of Law, Environmental Pollution Prevention Law, Circular Economy Law, etc.

Her book “Looking for the missing loop chain: extended producer responsibility legal issues” in 2012 by People's Publishing House. Her other publications include “Analysis of WTO Rules Involving Environmental Rights and Obligations”, “Legal Analysis of Environmental NGOs in China”, “On the legal system of recycling-oriented society”, “Research on establishing the legal system of China's recycling economy”, etc.

Professor Liu received her B.A. (Law) from Lanzhou University in1992 and M.A. (Economic Law) from Lanzhou University in 2001 . She was awarded PhD In Environmental Science from Nankai University in 2009. She has been to Oklahoma City University as Visiting Scholar in 2014-2015.



Environmental Law

Environmental pollution Prevention Law

Circular economy Law

American Environmental Law

Science and Technology Law