Liu Ping


1.Research area:

Civil Procedure Law, Evidence Law, Judicial System, Legal Ethics.



Liu Ping is the Associate Professor of NanKai University School of Law, she received her B.A. and M.A. from Nankai University, and her J.D. from China University of Political Science and Law. She has been to Oklahoma City University and University of Maine to conduct research on American law of evidence and American legal ethics.

Professor Liu is the Director of the Civil Litigation Law Society of the Chinese Law Society and the Case Law Research Society of the Chinese Law Society. She is the Executive Director of the Research Society of Litigation Law, Tianjin Law Society and China Legal English Teaching and Testing Research Association. Liu also served as a member of the Steering Expert Committee of the Third National Unified Examination of Legal English Evidence (LEC). Professor Liu has gained a lot of academic awards, her article Procedural Abuse in Civil Litigation and its Legal Regulation was published in Jurisprudence, No. 10, 2007. This article won the first prize of the Excellent Paper of the First National Law Journal in 2008. Her article The Practical Progression of the Trial of Real Estate Registration Cases under the Perspective of Crossing the Line of Civil - A Case of Housing Registration Errors as a Research Object was published in Case Studies in the New Era in Case Law Studies. This paper won the third prize of the 2019 Excellent Paper of the Case Law Research Society of the Chinese Law Society.