Zhu Tonghui


Research Area

Criminal procedure law, evidence law, judicial system Introduction


Zhu tonghui is the associate professor of Nankai University law School. From 2006-2008, he was an editor of Peking University Law Review. He is a member of the Chinese Society of Criminal Procedure Law; the vice president and secretary-general of the Tianjin Law Society's Litigation Law Branch; a part-time researcher of Nankai University's Human Rights Research Center and a part-time researcher of the Press Supervision Research Center of the Chinese Society of Conduct Law. He is also a member of Tianjin's Seventh Five-Year Law Lecture Group, a consultant of the Tianjin People's Procuratorate's Second Branch, a director of Tianjin Hongqiao District Law Society and a deputy director of Research Department of Tianjin Hongqiao Law Society. Zhu is a member of the Nankai University Distinguished Young Lecturer Group.

Professor Zhu has published more than 20 papers in journals including Contemporary Jurisprudence, China Social Science Journal and Criminal Law Review. He took part in the editing of several text books including Criminal Procedure Law, Crime Scene Investigation and Quality Jurisprudence. He presided over one project of the National Social Science Foundation and participated in many provincial and ministerial projects funded by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Justice and the Chinese Law Society.


E-mail: zhutonghui110@163.com