Wang Qiangjun


Research Area

Criminal law, Criminal policy, International criminal law


Wang Qiangjun, the associate professor of Nankai University Law School, a visiting scholar of UCLA. He is the Secretary-general of criminal law society of Tianjin. He is a member of Case Law Institute in Tianjin, a legislative advisory expert of Standing Committee of the people's Congress of the people's Congress of Tianjin and a people juror of the HePing District people’s court. He is a part-time researcher at G20 Anti-Corruption Fugitive and Stolen Goods Research Center and a researcher at the Center for Human Rights Studies of Nankai University.

Professor Wang has published one monograph The Rational Discernment of Criminal Law Amendment (VIII) published by Intellectual Property Publishing House. He published dozens of papers in different journals including Legal Business Research, Contemporary Jurisprudence and Law Review. He has also published many articles in Prosecution Daily, People's Court Newspaper and Legal Daily. He presided over one project of the National Social Science Foundation, A Study of the Limits and Theoretical Responses to Early Penalization. He was in charge of Study on the Use of Repatriation to Achieve Fugitive Recovery Abroad and Rethinking and advancing the crime of sentencing against formulation funded by Tianjin Social Science Planning and  Nankai University.