Wan Guohua


Prof.Wan Guohua


502,Nankai university school of law. Jinnan District, Tianjin




Staff Information

Academic Interests:

Economic Law, Commercial Law, The legal system of Corporate Governance, Securities and Futures Law, Financial Law, International Economic Law.

Personal Profile:

Wan Guohua, professor of Nankai University school of law ,doctoral supervisor of Civil and Commercial Law, Economic Law, director of the Department of Economics and the Department of Corporate Governance of Nankai University.

He makes great achievements specifically in the legal system of corporate governance and the capital market (especially the over-the-counter market) practically, theoretically and legislatively. In the corporate governing , he has guided and participated in the legal practice of remanufacture and IPO and standardization for many famous listed companies; In the promotion of our capital market, he presided over the direction and audit work of more than 320 companies that had listed on Tianjin Equity Exchange and participated in the enactment of “provisionalrules for the supervision of exchanges in Tianjin (draft)”and the business rules of Tianjin Equity Exchange.Successively he has participated in theenactment or modification ofthesecurities law, company law, bankruptcy law and banking laws, supervision rules of non-listed public company etc. Also, he has been providingperennial and special legal services for National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Land and Resources, Ministry of Finance, China Securities Regulatory Commission, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Tianjin Municipal People's Government and many other government departments and state-owned enterprises and institutions such as Shenhua group co., LTD, China Southern Power Grid, Cosco group co., LTD, Tianjin Banking Association and Tianjin BarAssociation.etc.

Academic and Practical Positions:

Chairman of Tianjin Academy of Commercial Law, standing director of Chinese Society of Securities Law,director of the Chinese Society of Banking Law, ChinsesSociety of International Economic Law and Chinese Society of International Law,consultant expert of Tianjin Municipal Government, consultant expert of Tianjin Municipal People's Congress in legislation, arbitrator of Tianjin Municipal Arbitration Commission,distinguishedexpert of Tianjin Equity Exchange and many other exchanges, chef counselof YINGKE law firmfor OTC market business, and the independent director of many listed companies.

Academic Achievements



1.The Margins Nature and Ownership of Chinese Futures Market, Nanjing Journal of Social SciencesNo.6.2015.

2.On the Establishment of Anti-fraud Principle in Securities Law: A Reflection on Integrity and Trustworthinessas the Basic Principles of Securities Law,Nankai Journal,No.1.2015.

3.AResearch on the Settlement Mechanism of Civil Disputes in the Over-the -Counter Market,Journal of Political Science and Law, Apr.2014.

4.The Salary System of China’s Independent Director Needs to Be Perfected.Property Rights Guide, No.10.2013.

5.Three Basic Problems on Top Legal Designing of Chinese Over-the-counter Market, Property Rights Guide, No.9.2013.

6.Bad Behaviors of “Triple Liang” Tortures the Supervision System of Actual Controller.Directors & Boards, No9.2013.

7.ZhangJinliang’s Reduction of His Shares Tortures the Strategic Investors System. Directors & Boards, No6.2013.

8.Chinese Companies May Face Different Legal Environment According to the NCPC Sky-high Compensation Case. Directors & Boards, No5.2013.

9.Bicephalous Board PK Hna Real Estate Holding May Win. Directors & Boards, No3.2013.

10.The Rules of the Investors’ Investments and the Establishment of Companies Still Needs to Be Perfected. Property Rights Guide, No.12.2012.

11.The Source of European Debt Crisis and ItsPotential Impact on China’s Securities Market.Property Rights Guide, No.10.2012.

12.Hontex International Holdings Company’s Concession Reflects the Absence of Supervision of A-share. Directors & Boards, No8.2012.

13.The Construction of corporate governance system for Limited Partnership Private Equity Fund----From the Perspective of Minority Investor Profit Protection.Theoretical Exploration, No2.2012.

14.The Absence of Provision of China’s OTC Market.Directors & Boards, No1.2011

15.Several Problems that Should Be Solved By the Investor Supervision Mechanism in the Holistic Listing of State-owned Enterprises.Research on Economics and Management, No1.2010.

16.A Study on Construction of Rural Shareholding Cooperative Enterprises and Legal Issues ofCorporate Governance----From the Perspective of Exchange of Houses with Homesteads in Tianjin.Tianjin Legal Science, No1.2010.

17.Some Legal Issues on Exchange of Houses with Homesteads.China Real Estate, No3.2009.

18.The Path Choice of Resolving the CorporateDeadlock and the Influence on Corporate Governance. Hebei Law Science, Apr.2007.

19.Ways to Anti- Commercial- Bribery from View of Legal Institution of Corporate Governance, Nankai Journal, No.5.2006.

20.A Study on Some Urgent Problems To Be ResolvedConcerning Chinese Tourism Legislation. Tourism Tribune.No.3, 2006.

21.No need to introduce an Independent Director System in China.Hartung-GorreVerlagKonstanz/Germany, ErsteAuflage 2004.

22.LegalIssues in the Reform of Collective Enterprises. Nankai Journal, No1.2002.

23.TheImpacts and Solutions on Chinese Securities Market of Accession to the WTO.Modern Finance and Economics, No5.2001.

24.Internationalization of Stock Market and its Legal Adjustment. Nankai Journal,No2.2001.

25.Several Legal Issues on China’s Securities Regulation System.Nankai Journal,No2.2002.

26.SeveralImportant Issues that IMF Legal Mechanism Needs to Reform From the Perspective of the Asian Financial Crisis.Nankai Journal,No2.1999.

27.Primary Investigation on Shareholding Co-operative System. Academic Review of ThammasatCollege of NankaiUniversity,1999.

28.How to Establish China's effective securities supervision system. China Financial Market Securities Weekly,No51, 1998.The paper was submittedto the financial committee of the National People's Congress "securities law" drafting team for reference.

29.Three Basic Issues of China’s Company law. Nankai Journal,No1.1995.

30.Several Issues About China’s Trademark Law.Nankai Journal, No3.1991.


1.Economic Law,Tsinghua University Press,Nov.2012.

2.The Accession and Regulation Legal System of China’s OTC Market, People's Publishing House, Sep.2012.

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14.Symposium On Chinese Economic Law, co-author, Law press of China, 1998.

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18.Taiwan Compatriots Investment Enterprises Law, Nankai University Press, Oct.1997.

19.Nankai Proceedings of International Economic Law, Tianjin Peoples Publishing House, May.1997.

Research Projects


1.Research on the Governance of Mixed Ownership Enterprises,key project of the key research institute of humanities& social science in China, from 2014 to 2017.

2.The Establishment of Futures Market Credit System and Mortgage Guarantee System, project supported by Shanghai Futures Exchange, from Aug.2014 to Feb.2015.

3.A Study on the Regulation Legal System of China’s Over-the-counter Market From the Perspective of Governance of Unlisted Companies, supported by Tianjin Academy of Social Sciences in 2014.

4.Legal Research on Reformation of Villages Collective Economic Organization and Its Investment and Financing System in the Context of Urbanization----From the Perspective of Exchange of Houses with Homesteads in Rural Areas, supported by Ministry of Justice in 2013.

5.Legal Issues on the Investment and Financing Systemof Villages Collective Economic Organization, key project supported by Tianjin Municipal Government in 2013.

6.Research on the Systematization of the Board of Supervisors’Regulatory Resources of Shenhua Group, supported in 2012.

7.Industrial Planning Research on Information and Software Services of Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city, supported in 2011.

8.Counselling Studies on the Operation and Management Systemof Tianjin Urban Investment Group, supported in 2010.

9.LegalIssues on the Exchange of Houses with HomesteadsinTianjin,supported byTianjin municipal development and reform commission, finished by May 2007.

10.Exploration forNew Ways of Anti-commercial Bribery(Anti-corruption) from the Perspective of Legal System of Corporate Governance,supported bythe eleventh five-year plan project of Tianjin Academy of Social Sciences in 2006.

11.Several Significant Legal Issues on Unprecedented Experiments with Financial Innovation in Binhai New Area----and the Innovation of Financial Enterprises in Legal System of Corporate Governance, key project of Tianjin Law Society which finished in 2006 .

12.Research on the Corporate Governance of Chinaandtheevaluation,key technologies R & D program of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in 2005, responsible for thelegal environment of the corporate governance.

13.Ecnomic Law, undergraduates’ high-quality curriculum of Nankai University in 2005 with good responses.

14.Marketization of the Board of SupervisorsMechanism for State-owned Enterprise, supported bythe ninth five-year plan project of Tianjin Academy of Social Sciences, finished by 2004.

15.Legal Research on the corporate governance, projects supported in 2003 and obtained two academic achievements:Ways to Anti- CommercialBribery from View of Legal Institution of Corporate GovernanceandThe Path Choice of Resolving the Corporate Deadlock and the Influence on Corporate Governance.

16.4.25Research on the Corporatization and Capitalization of Jumbo Loans, supported by the lateral research in Tianjin in September2003 ,finished by 2004.

17.Comparative of Laws of Finance and Securities, supported by the Bilingual Teaching Project of Nankai University in 2003.

18.The Influence and the Countermeasures of accession to the WTO for Chinese Securities Marketsupported by the project of Tianjin Academy of Securities Law in2000, finished by 2001.

19.The Process of APEC and Comprehensive Analysis of Trade Disputes Between China and Asian-Pacific Region and A Feasibility Study on the Establishment of APEC Dispute Settlement Mechanism, sub—project of the key project supported by Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation in 2000.

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