Shi Xueying


I. Personal Profile

(I) Personal Information

Name: Shi Xueying Gender: Male Date of Birth: April, 17, 1963

Native Place: Tianjin Nation: Han

Political Status: Chinese Communist Party Members

Address: Law School, JinNan Campus, Nankai University, No. 38, TongYan Road, HaiHe Educational Park, Tianjin. Postal Code: 300350

Tel: 022-23501400


Proficiency in English, andfamiliar with office software

(II) Administrative Post and Academic Post

Vice-president of Law School, Nankai University;

Professor and doctoral supervisor in Nankai University;

Director of Environment Law Teaching and Researching Section, Nankai University;

Deputy Director of WTO Research Center, Nankai University;

Director of Environmental and Judicial Research Center, Nankai University. (III)Main Social-Part-Time Jobs

Arbitrator of China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission;

Director of China Research Association of Environment and Resources Protection;

Legislative advisory expert of Tianjin Municipal People's Congress;

Member of Tianjin Municipal Law Society Academic Board;

Attorney of Tianjin Jintong Law Firm.

(IV) Main Awards

Won the title of Tianjin Outstanding Young Jurist in 2011.

II. Main Academic Profile, Research Field and Specialty

(I)Main Academic Profile

1.1981-1985 Politics and Education Department, Tianjin Normal University, Bachelor of Law

2. 1985-1987 Law Department, Renmin University of China, Master of Law

3. 2001-2006 Department of International Economic and Trade, Nankai University, Doctor of Economics

Name of the Doctoral DissertationEconomic and Law Analysis on the Biodiversity Protection

4.1987-present, Lecturer, Professor, Nankai University Law School

(II)Research Field

International Environmental Law, International Economic Law, Intellectual Property Law

(III)Research Specialty

1. Research on Fundamental Principles of International Environmental Law,

Research on Departmental Law of International Environmental Law, such as Biodiversity Protection, Climate Change and Carbon Emissions Trading Legal System

2. International Economic Law, such as International Trade and Environmental Protection; International Commercial Law.

III.Representative Accomplishments

(I) Books

1. Anti-Dumping Law & Practice of Western Country, Deputy Editor, China Foreign Economicsand Trade Press, February, 1996

2. Introduction to the Law of Taiwan compatriots-Funded Enterprises, co-editor, Nankai University Press, May, 1997

3. General Survey on International Economic Law, co-editor, Law Press.China, November, 1998

4. New Thoughts on the Law of International Transfer of Technology, Sole Author, Tianjin Renmin Press, September, 2000

5. Case Study on Forefront Issues of Insurance Law, Chief Editor, Economics Press.China, August, 2001

6. Typical Cases of Anti-Dumping, Anti subsidy, and SafeguardCases in Steel Industry, Nankai University Press, November, 2005

7. International Anti-Dumping Law, Deputy Editor, Law Press.China, December, 2005

8. International Commercial Law, Chief Editor, TsingHua University Press, August, 2006

9. Environmental Laws, Chief Editor, TsingHua University Press, December, 2005

10. International Commercial Law (Second Edition), Chief Editor, TsingHua University Press, May, 2011

11. Research on Legal Issues of Biodiversity, Sole Author, Renmin Press, November, 2007

12. Environmental Laws, Chief Editor, TsingHua University Press (National-Level Planning Textbook for Eleventh Five-Year Plan”), December, 2010

13. Carbon Emissions Trading Market and System Design, Co-Author, Nankai University Press, December, 2014

14.Public Health Crisis and the Intellectual Property Strategy of Developing Country, Co-Author, Nankai University Press, December, 2014

15. International Commercial Law (Third Edition), Chief Editor, TsingHua University Press, October, 2015

(II) Articles

1. Some Intellectual Property Issues Concerning Biodiversity, Nankai Journal, 3rd Issue, 2003

2. Preliminary Research on Legal Issues of Genetic Resources (co-author), Journal of Political Science and Law, 5th Issue, 2005

3. Analysis on Chinas Legal Strategy for Solving Public Health Crisis(co-author), Hebei Law Science, 4th Issue, 2008

4. Legal Reflection on Environmental Protection Compensation of Eco-city (co-author),Ecological Economy, 7th Issue, 2010

5. Construction on System of Sector-covered in the Carbon Emissions Trading Mechanism (co-author), Theory and Modernization, 6th Issue, 2014

6. Channel Selection and System Arrangement of Chinas Low-Carbon Export (co-author), Theory and Modernization, 2nd Issue, 2015

7. Total Set-up, Adjustment of EU Emissions Trading Mechanism and Chinas Reference (co-author), Theory and Modernization, 5th Issue, 2015

8. Construction on Basic Rules of Initial Allocation of Carbon Emissions Trading (co-author), Contemporary Economics, 18th, 2015

9. Study on the Development Trends of Chinas Environmental Liability Insurance (co-author), Environmental Protection and Circular Economy, 4th 2015

10. Environmental Violations Crises of Multinational Corporation in China and the Responses (co-author), Journal of Chengdu University, 5th 2015

11. Study on Environmental Human Rights and Its Current Protection Situation (co-author), Journal of Taiyuan Normal University, 5th, 2015

12. The Criminal Act Related to Carbon Emissions Trading and Its Prevention Measures (co-author), Journal of Political Science and Law, 11th, 2014

13. Comparative Study on Performance Liabilities of Emission-Control Enterprises in Carbon Emissions Trading (co-author), Applied Jurisprudence Study, 2nd, 2013

(III) Projects in Charge

1. Nation-level Projects

Research on Pilot Program and Supporting Polices for Conducting Carbon Intensity Reduction and Making Tianjin Binhai New Area to a Low Carbon Economy Demonstration Area, National Development and Reform Commission, CDM Grant Project, 2012023.

2. Provincial and Ministerial Level Projects

(1) Research on Legal Protection of Tianjin Eco-Environment, Important Project of Social Science Research Planfor TianjinEleventh Five-Year Plan.

(2) Public Health Crisis and the Intellectual Property Strategy of Developing Country, Social Science Fund Projects of Ministry of Education.

(3) Research on Fundamental Change of Economic Development Mode and Legal System Reform---Take Environment and Resources Laws as Example, Aided Project of Tianjin Philosophy Social Science Research Plan.

(4) Study on EnterprisesHuman Rights Responsibility under the Framework of United Nations Industrial and Commercial and human rights guidelines, Major Project of National Human Rights Education and Training Base of Ministry of Education, 14JJD820004.

3. Crossing Research Project

Post-legislation Assessment to Regulations on Drainage and the Usage and Administration of Renewable Water of Tianjin, Tianjin Drainage Administration Department.