Liu Shixin


Research Field

Criminal Law of China ; Criminal Law Theories of Foreign Countries ; Criminology


Shixin Liu, Male, born in Xingtai city, Hebei Province, graduated from the law department of Hebei University (1989), obtained Master of Law degree specialized in Criminal law from Zhengzhou University(1998), S.J.D specialized in Criminal law from Jilin University(2001) and was the Visiting Scholar of Oklahoma City University Law School in Oklahoma State of the United States(2008-2009). Shixin Liu was selected and sponsored by the Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University by the Ministry of Education in 2006 and was within the first group who were selected and sponsored by the Nankai University Training Programme Foundation for Hundred Young Academic Leaders. Shixin Liu now serves as the Vice Dean, Professor and S.J.D Supervisor of Nankai University Law School, researcher of the Human Rights Research Center of Nankai University, Deputy Chief Judge (Take a Temporary Post) of the First Criminal Division of Tianjin Supreme Court. Mr. Shixin Liu was awarded the Social science Excellence Award of its Eighth Session (2002), Tenth Session (2006), Eleventh Session (2008) and Thirteenth Session (2013). In 2006, Shixin Liu was conferred the title of Excellent Young Jurist of Tianjin. Some of Mr. Shixin Liu’s part-time duties include:

1. Criminology Research Committee of China Law SocietyDirector

2. Tianjin Law SocietyExecutive Director

3. Tianjin Law Society Criminal Law BranchChairman

4. People’s Procuratorate of Tianjin Municipality, First BranchPeople’s Supervisor

5. Tianjin Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Tianjin Municipal Bureau of supervisionAdvisory Board

Main publications

1. Author: Research on Concurrent CrimeChina Procuratorate Press, August 2005

2. Author: Research on Offense of Nontypical Omission, People's Publishing HouseNovember 2008

3. Author: Elements of a CrimePeople's Publishing House, June 2010

4. Author: Research on Behavioral Theories of Criminal Law, People's Publishing House, March 2012

5. Author: Principles of Specific Crimes in American Criminal Law, People's Publishing HouseJune 2015

6. More than 30 academic papers published by Law and Society Development, Studies in Law and Business, etc.