[Series Lectures] NKU “Regulation and Public Law” Salon No.22: Introduction to Research Methodology for Public Law


Lecture topicsIntroduction to Research Methodology for Public Law

Date and Time: October 21th (Friday), 9:30

Location: Room 333, School of Law, Jinnan Campus

Guests: Prof. Liu Liantai, Prof. Yu Jun

Host: Prof. Song Hualin

Guests’ Background:

Prof. Liu Liantai is professor, Ph.D. in Law, and doctoral supervisor of School of Law,Xiamen University.

Liu Liantai, doctor of law, law professor of Law School at Xiamen University, supervisor of Ph.D. student, serves as director for Institute of Public Law at Xiamen University, Councilman for China Law Society Institute of Constitutional Law and Vice President of Fujian Institute of Constitutional Law. His research and publications include more than 10 articles and papers on “Chinese Journal of Law”, “Modern Law Science”, etc., and the books “Comparative Research Between International Bill of Human Rights and Constitution of China from the Text”, “The Explanation of the Standards of Public Use in Constitutional Law – Taking the Article 13 Paragraph 3 of Chinese Constitution as the Center”. He also translated “Living Originalism”.

Prof. Yu Jun, doctor of law, is a law professor of Law School at Zhejiang University, supervisor of Ph.D. student. He is an expert in the combination of Law Methodology and Public Law Research and the discovery of the Methodology of Departmental Law combining with normalization and socialization. He has published more than 10 articles on “Chinese Journal of Law”, “Modern Law Science”, etc.